Soma Pills 350Mg: Choosing a contraceptive based on age. Gynecology


Soma Pills 350Mg: Choosing a contraceptive based on age. Gynecology

Choosing a contraceptive based on age. Gynecology

Intrauterine devices at this age are preferred, but they are often contraindicated due to the presence of cervical and uterine diseases in women (erosion, fibroids, etc.).

Due to smoking, overweight, endocrinological diseases, the selection of hormonal contraceptives is also complicated.

When choosing hormonal methods of contraception (in the absence of contraindications and bad habits, such as smoking), preference should be given to the combined last-generation birth control pill and three-phase drugs (Femoden, Marvelon, Silest, Triquilar, Tri-regol, Triziston).

For women of 35-40 years old, it is possible to recommend not pills, but hormonal agents implanted under the skin and injected in injections. The main advantage is that intramuscular administration (1 time in 3 months) or implantation of an agent under the skin (1 time in 3-5 years) requires much less self-control than daily intake of tablets. The most common drugs in this group are:

Depo Provera. In addition to contraceptive action, this tool reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, thrush (vaginal candidiasis), pathological changes of the mucous membrane of the uterus and mammary glands. Depo-Provera is used to treat endometriosis. Restoration of childbearing function after discontinuation of the drug occurs within 5-9 months.

Norplant and Norplant-2 (capsules, implanted under the skin of the shoulder through a small incision under local anesthesia). The contraceptive effect appears already a day after administration and lasts for 5 years (3 years using the Norplant-2 system).

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Soma Pills 350Mg: Choosing a contraceptive based on age. Gynecology

Surgical sterilization may be a good option if the woman is determined not to have more children. This method is popular in many countries around the world, but in Russia it is not yet common. This operation is carried out endoscopically (through a small incision of the skin with special tools). However, remember that sterilization is an irreversible method of contraception and the subsequent restoration of the natural fertility function is almost impossible.

More than 45 years

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After 45 years in women with soma pills 350mg, menopause occurs and ovarian function decreases progressively. Despite the fact that in this period of a woman’s life, the probability of getting pregnant is significantly reduced, pregnancy is not so rare, since many women even at this age have regular ovulation. However, pregnancy and childbirth in most patients occur against the background of various chronic diseases and disorders (cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the urinary system, liver, chronic inflammatory processes of the genital organs, uterine fibroids, prolapse of the uterus and vagina, etc.), which is extremely unfavorable affects the health of both mother and child.

Due to the fact that by the age of 40-45 most women are no longer going to have children, this pregnancy is often interrupted by induced abortion. But abortion at this age is often complicated by inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, the development of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, severe climacteric period, and may provoke the development of oncological diseases. Therefore, contraception is necessary at this age.

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The main difficulties in choosing methods of protection from pregnancy in women over 45 years of age are associated with existing risk factors (overweight, smoking, comorbidities, etc.).

Intrauterine devices are often contraindicated in women aged 45–50 years due to various diseases (uterine fibroids of large sizes, pathological changes of the cervix, etc.).

Hormonal contraception is different soma pills 350mg not only high efficiency, but also pronounced healing properties for a number of gynecological diseases. Women using this method are less susceptible to osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and uterus cancer.

Soma Pills 350Mg: Choosing a contraceptive based on age. Gynecology

Combination contraceptive pills are contraindicated:

intensively smoking women

women who previously had cases of blockage (thrombosis) of various blood vessels (heart attacks, strokes, thrombophlebitis, etc.),

with severe diabetes,

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in diseases of the liver, etc.

However, low-dose drugs of the last generation (for example, Femoden, Marvelon, Silest, Triquilar, Tri-regol, Triziston) have much less side effects, so their use is not only possible, but also useful.

Perspective use of mini-pili, injection means (shots), as well as means implanted under the skin (Norplant). They do not increase the risk of thrombosis, do not change blood pressure, liver function, have a therapeutic effect in the presence of pathological changes of the mucous membrane of the uterus, uterine myoma, endometriosis. However, with the use of these funds may prematurely menopause.

For women with various general and gynecological diseases, who are prohibited from becoming pregnant because of their state of health, surgical sterilization is especially indicated. **

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