How To Order 350Mg Soma Pills: Survivor. The discovery of the nature of digestion. Gastroenterology


How To Order 350Mg Soma Pills: Survivor. The discovery of the nature of digestion. Gastroenterology

Survivor. The discovery of the nature of digestion. Gastroenterology

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The problem of reproducibility of such experiments was solved by the Moscow surgeon Vasily Basov, who in 1842 created artificial fistulas in dogs. Now, any digestive issues could be explored as much as you like. Moreover, according to the method of Basov, a similar operation (gastrostomy) began to be performed on people in order to feed patients whose esophagus is blocked by a tumor. The first such operation in Russia was performed by Basov’s student Nikolai Sklifosovsky in 1879. Basov experienced a real triumph. When he passed away the following year, all of Moscow buried him. Only Governor-General Prince Vladimir Dolgorukov did not come. At the sight of a weeping how to order 350mg of soma pills, a crowd of former patients of the deceased prince asked who Basov was. Answered that this is a world famous doctor. Dolgorukov asked if he had been with other university professors at receptions of the governor-general. According to the journals, it turned out that there wasn’t, because Basov each time was dissuaded by employment. Then the prince spread his hands: “Well, if I hadn’t had a how to order 350mg soma pills, how could I go and see him off?”

The fate of saint maarten

How To Order 350Mg Soma Pills: Survivor. The discovery of the nature of digestion. Gastroenterology

Experimental Saint-Martin survived Basov by half a year, and Beaumont – by 27 years. The phenomenal Canadian family walked in tatters, two children who were weakened by malnutrition died from infections, and in their old age Saint-Martin had to go to a traveling circus, showing his fistula to the public. When a circus entrepreneur godlessly cheated out an illiterate cripple, he realized that he had a much better life with the doctor. With grief he went to the bout and squandered those crumbs that he paid.

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Above left: Claude-Antoine Boucher (1782-1839), Chief Physician of the Lyon Hotel-Dieu Hospital, who, under the impression of the experiments of Beaumont, first decided to cut the stomach to remove a foreign body – a swallowed silver fork.

Top right: Vasily Alexandrovich Basov (1812-1880), surgeon, professor at Moscow University. He served as a prosector in the department of veterinary sciences when, for reproducing and continuing experiments, Beaumont was the first to create an artificial way into the dog’s stomach, which he reported on November 14, 1842 at a meeting of the Moscow Society of Naturalists with a demonstration of experimental animals. Basovskaya technique is the basis of modern gastrostomy operations.

How To Order 350Mg Soma Pills: Survivor. The discovery of the nature of digestion. Gastroenterology

Below: an illustration to the article by Basov on the artificial way to the stomach (the second book “Notes on the part of the medical sciences” of the Imperial Medical-Surgical Academy for 1843). On the left is the external opening of the fistula on the body of the dog with the bandage removed, on the right is the stomach, the fundic part of which is fixed to the abdominal wall with sutures, and the mucosa is hemmed to the skin.

Replacing the circus for a more reliable income – splitting firewood, Saint-Martin worked up to 80 years. Shortly before his death, he sent a letter to Dr. Beaumont’s son, also a doctor, where he spoke warmly about the addressee’s father and asked for money: “My fistula makes a fuss. If you assign me how to order 350mg soma pills a small content, it does not bother you for a long time, because I am very old and sick. ”

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After his death, the widow refused – even for a lot of money – to sell the famous stomach of Saint-Martin to doctors who wanted to put this drug in the museum. In the summer heat, the family purposely pulled back 4 days with the burial so that the body began to decompose. During the funeral, the coffin had to be left at the entrance to the church because of the strong smell. Relatives of the deceased dug a grave of extraordinary depth and did not place a mark above the burial so that the grave-diggers paid for by the doctors did not reach the body.

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