How To Buy Soma 350Mg Pills: Lice (pediculosis). Skin diseases


How To Buy Soma 350Mg Pills: Lice (pediculosis). Skin diseases

Lice (pediculosis). Skin diseases

Despite the fact that in nature how to buy soma 350mg pills there are up to 150 types of lice, they are strictly specific parasites and parasites only on certain types of animals. A person can only get head lice from other people, but not from a sick cat or guinea pig.

There are three types of lice that cause head lice in humans – headaches, pubic hows to buy soma 350mg pills, and body lice.

Head lice are grayish-white insects, 2-4 mm in size. As a rule, they live on the scalp, but can also affect eyebrows and eyelashes.

How To Buy Soma 350Mg Pills: Lice (pediculosis). Skin diseases

Body lice resemble head, but slightly larger than their size (2-5 mm). These lice can live on the human body, in the folds of clothing and bedding. When infected with lice most often affects the skin in contact with the folds and seams of clothing.

The pubic louse is a tiny (only 1-1.5 mm) yellow-gray parasite that resembles a small crab under a microscope. However, the pubic louse can be seen with the naked eye – a small grain at the base of the hair. Most often, it settles in the hairy areas of the skin around the genitals, but sometimes it can also dwell on the armpits, on the mustache, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes how to buy soma 350mg pills.

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Lice are very mobile, breed by laying eggs yellow-whitish color. Nits tightly buy soma 350mg pills are attached to the hair or fibers of the fabric with the secret of the glue glands produced by the female.

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How To Buy Soma 350Mg Pills: Lice (pediculosis). Skin diseases

Lice feed exclusively on human blood, drinking at one time to 0.003 ml. The average duration of their life is 27-46 days.

Reasons to buy soma 350mg pills

Lice do not jump and do not fly, but run. Therefore, infection most often occurs through direct contact between people. Head lice can cross from person to person through the hair, especially long. Children, as a rule, are infected with head lice in large groups: in schools, kindergartens, summer camps, when 350mg pills brush their hair with someone else’s hairbrushes, change hats, sleep on other people’s pillows. In addition, pediculosis can be infected in a barber shop, hotel, train, hospital, as well as in the bath and pool.

Body lice get to a healthy person with close household contact. They settle in the folds of clothing, of which crawl on the skin. Infection can occur when using dirty buy soma 350mg pills items and bedding.

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Pubic lice are usually transmitted through sexual contact, when insects from one partner crawl to another. But if it suddenly turned out that your wonderful spouse (or spouse) brought home this scum buy soma 350mg pills, you should not hurry to accuse him of treason. It is known that a pubic louse, having detached from a person, lives no more than a day, but its eggs remain viable for almost a week. So the transfer of lice could easily happen through a towel, bedding and clothing.

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