500 Mg Soma Pills Overnight: A selection of anatomical or round breast implants. Plastic surgery


500 Mg Soma Pills Overnight: A selection of anatomical or round breast implants. Plastic surgery

Selection of implants for breast augmentation: anatomical or round ?. Plastic surgery

Breast augmentation surgery occupies a leading position in the ranking of plastic surgery. Today, many girls resort to the services of plastic surgeons in order to fill the missing volume in the area of ​​the mammary glands, as well as to obtain the ideal proportions of one of the most attractive parts of the body – the breast. At one time, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore decided on this operation.

What are the “subtleties” you need to know when choosing a plastic surgeon? What are modern breast implants made of? How many years will it take to replace them? These and other questions specifically for the readers of are answered by the leading surgeon of the clinic, Professor Blokhin, the expert of the “Reloading” TV project on TNT Andrey Y. Kopasov.

Tell us how often you perform breast augmentation surgery?

Chest is our specialty. Every day we perform various operations to correct the size and shape of the breast: enlargement, tightening, breast reduction, breast reconstruction after breast cancer, and tubular correction. All of these operations are included in our daily operating plan. But more often, of course, we install breast implants.

There are a lot of rumors around the breast augmentation surgery, which of them do you think are the most absurd? For example, “implants cause breast cancer” or “implants can break in an airplane.”

Yes, quite often one encounters such convictions, but this is normal. Normally, when patients ask questions before surgery, when they experience how everything goes. Today, breast augmentation implants are fully biocompatible with tissues – the body does not perceive breast prostheses as a foreign body, modern implants are completely safe and do not cause complications. This is due to the use of high technology in their manufacture. Moreover, implants undergo multi-step tests for “strength”, and can withstand loads up to 5 tons, so their rupture is possible only in an extreme situation, for example, with a bullet wound.

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Most of the myths associated with breast implants are “remnants” of the past. If earlier, the first, implant models could deform over time, then today the manufacturing companies with which we cooperate give a lifetime warranty on their products.

It turns out that implants are installed for life?

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In fact, yes. But the effect obtained as a result of breast augmentation may change due to factors such as sudden loss or weight gain, changes in the hormone 500 mg soma pills overnight background, pregnancy and breastfeeding after the operation. In such cases, together with the patient, we make a decision on corrective surgery in order to recreate the beautiful shape of the breast again. Implants themselves remain “intact” – when installed, they do not affect the breast tissue, located under the pectoralis major muscle. After this operation, a woman can breastfeed, undergo all the necessary breast examinations (ultrasound, mammography), and also lead a normal life.

Today, there are many variations of implants: round, anatomical 500 mg soma pills overnight, with high and low profile, and others. What can you tell about it, what implants do you work with?

500 Mg Soma Pills Overnight: A selection of anatomical or round breast implants. Plastic surgery

Yes, there are really many variations. But the choice of implants always remains for the surgeon, since only a specialist, taking into account the wishes of the patient, can choose the optimal size and height of the breast prostheses. Much depends on the “professional school” – my teacher is Professor Blokhin – the author of the method of endoscopic breast augmentation through the axilla. Therefore, in our clinic, all experts are guided by the most natural result, using the implants that allow it to be achieved. That is why we once moved away from anatomical (drop-shaped) implants due to unnatural results, and preferred round and then ergonomic prostheses for breast augmentation.

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Ergonomic implants take their shape according to the patient’s body position.

Ergonomic implants are a new type of prosthesis for breast augmentation, which combines all the advantages of drop-shaped and round implants – “ergonomics,” depending on the position of the patient’s body, takes the form of the breast that is natural for this position. In the standing position, the lower pole of the implant becomes large in volume, similarly to the natural breast, in the supine position, the breast acquires a rounded shape, the nipple-areola complex is located in the central part of the mammary gland. Due to the “permeability” of the contents of the implant – a highly cohesive gel – the chest behaves like a real one. The installation of ergonomic implants also provides a high level of tactile sensations.

Does the breast after the operation really work, “like a real one”? The implant will not be “palpable”?

Yes, breasts can turn out “like real.” Most often this is the case. If the surgeon does not have to increase the breast size by 3-5 sizes, then we get natural results. Also, the “size” of the implant depends on the amount of the patient’s own breast tissue. The formula is simple: its volume of breast tissue should be larger than the implant, in which case “blocking” the breast prosthesis, we get a natural, beautiful result. The implant in this case does not contour, the breast is soft to the touch, with no signs of a foreign body.

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Can you refuse the patient in the operation?

Yes, quite often in our practice we encounter similar cases. When the patient’s wishes cannot be realized or our vision of a future result does not match. Everyone has their own concept of beauty, so if the patient and the surgeon do not have this picture, we do not cooperate. We also refuse to many girls due to the lack of indications for surgery, when their breasts are proportional to the body and have a good shape. Another reason for failure may be the upcoming pregnancy with further breastfeeding. In this case, we ask a woman to come in 2-3 years, because due to changes in the hormonal background in this period, the woman’s appearance changes greatly, and the breast is not an exception (lowers, fills with volume, or, conversely, the volume completely “leaves” ).

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Are implants only for breast enlargement?

Initially, the main goal for breast implantation was to fill in the missing volume of the mammary glands (with their atrophy, underdevelopment, small breast size). Today, using the installation of breast implants, we have learned to solve such problems as ptosis (breast prolapse), correction of tubularity, asymmetry without external cuts, through the most invisible axillary access.

Tell some interesting case from your practice.

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500 Mg Soma Pills Overnight: A selection of anatomical or round breast implants. Plastic surgery

I was approached by a girl aged 32 years. A professional athlete, as a result of intense physical exertion, the chest sank and lost its shape. Many believe that the chest can be restored with the help of sports, but this is not quite the correct statement. The mammary gland consists of glandular and fatty tissues, but not of the muscular, therefore classical push-ups, as is commonly believed, cannot “lift” the breast.

320 ml ergonomic implants, medium profile, access through the armpit

In this case, we had several options for the operation: a classic breast lift or the elimination of ptosis using implants. Together with the patient, we decided to abandon the external incisions and install the implant through the armpit. The result can be seen in the photos.

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